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Playa Blanca in Barú – Cartagena de Indias

Playa Blanca in Barú – Cartagena de Indias

It’s no wonder Playa Blanca Cartagena is truly beautiful … the water is a brilliant shade of aquamarine, the sand is white and powdery, and the beach is lined with restaurants and bars, perfect for when I have an appetite after a long, hard day of tanning!

While not surprisingly, as one of the most stunning beaches in Cartagena, Colombia, Playa Blanca is quite popular with any tourist looking for a beach getaway during their trip to Colombia!

Where is Playa Blanca Cartagena?

Playa Blanca is not located in Cartagena but on the island of Barú about 75 minutes by car or 35 minutes by speedboat from the Bodeguita dock in Cartagena. Isla Barú is one of the Rosario Islands in Colombia.

Baru is an artificial island that was formed almost 100 years ago by the construction of the Canal del Dique. Three towns on the island are Ararca, Santa Ana and Barú.

Being part of the Caribbean, once you are in the Rosario Islands, you can expect all the beaches to have that perfect shade of turquoise water and the softest, whitest sand for lounging.

How to get to Playa Blanca?

Since 2010, a bridge can be accessed to get to Playa Blanca, so there are several options to go to Playa Blanca.

The first option is to go by public or shared bus, but expect poor organization and a difficult return. This option is the most used by Colombians because the price is 30,000 to 50,000 pesos per person. Also, you can waste precious time with this type of transportation that often stops along the way.

The second option is to go in a private vehicle that will take you to Playa Blanca early in the morning and pick you up around 4:00 p.m. The organization is excellent, but the price is higher. However, if you are 4 people or more, this option is ideal because the cost of the round trip is approximately 285,000 pesos for 4 people or 340.00 pesos for 8 people.

The third option is the boat from Bodeguita or the Santa Cruz dock in Cartagena. It is better to buy a tour that makes a stop at the Rosario Islands aquarium and then a stop in Playa Blanca to enjoy the afternoon on the beach. A typical dinner is included.

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